Je fait la même.

I have been a terrible person and have completely ignored this blog, among other things, in the past few weeks. I’ll cover that later.

In the meantime, Nathan has tagged me to do a meme. And while I am usually fairly against such things, this one isn’t about what american accent I have and doesn’t ask me to specify if I like the person who I talked to last on the phone.

So I give you twelve random facts about me.

1. I have Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost memorized (among other poems) from my 8th grade English class. What is more random about it is that I will almost always physically keep the beat of the poem and will actually say out loud the beats between the stanzas. This is how I learned it and this is how I recite it.

2. I have very fond memories of our pop-up camper and spending weeks during the summer in various state parks and camping grounds in Oklahoma and Arkansas. My parents kept all sorts of old KOA and various other camping, cooking and family outing magazines from the 60s and 70s in the magazine rack beside the table and I remember looking through them over and over.

3. I have an affinity for trap doors and secret passageways. If I could build my dream house, it would have at least one secret passageway with a hidden entry.

4. My first dog’s name was Rusty, named after my dad’s dog he would always tell me stories about. My second dog was named Rustina, b/c to a young boy adding “-ina” to anything makes it feminine.

5. While mowing the lawn in middle and high school, I would listen and sing along to either “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (New Cast Recording)” or En Vogue. Yes, I realize what you’re thinking.

6. I have been an uncle since I was 4, and at that age I couldn’t remember if I was going to be an uncle or a grandpa. I now have 12 nieces and nephews from 22 years down to 8 months.

7. My freshman year at the University of Oklahoma, I received a bursar bill in the mail for $0 from Oklahoma State University.

8. At my age, my dad was married with 3 kids

9. I originally wanted to major in musical theatre, but didn’t because I thought my parents wouldn’t support that idea.

10. Like Nathan, I think I’m either discovering or acquiring mild dyslexia. It doesn’t happen all of the time, but just now and then.

11. I worked for two years as a counselor at a Catholic youth summer camp. I now see some of my campers at the gay bars.

12. I have lived in a different apartment or house for almost every year I’ve lived in Norman.

I’m not even sure who to tag for this, so I give a shotgun tag: If you read this, you’re tagged!


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